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The renewed emphasis accorded by the Govt of India to ‘Make in India’ program has opened the hitherto fore ‘Defence & Aerospace’ sector to MSME Indian private sector companies in a never before manner. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity for foreign OEMs and technology holders wanting to explore the possibilities for their products/ technology in the Indian market in partnership with reliable Indian companies. Paramahansa, with its presence in EU, UK, USA and erstwhile CIS help both sides to bridge the gap and reach a ‘ win-win’ deal. We offer ToT and Partnerships in the following areas :-


Technical Solutions

Forging and Metallurgy
Mechanical Engineering and Components
Sourcing - Chemicals and Propellants
Technology Transfer Agreements
Teaming up Agreements
USA , UK & EU Specific Concerns
Rescue Solutions - Mountain, Snow, Fire, Flood, Earthquake etc
Marine Security Solutions - Floating Barriers
Surveillance - Day & Night
Training - Access, Climbing, Entry And Operating at Heights
Adventure – Hot Air Balloon Flights, Expeditions, Air Ships